Datetimepicker selector accessibility


The date and time selector comboboxes are difficult to navigate with keyboard. Pressing down moves selector to the top of the selector. Time selector allows typing in time to make this less of a problem but currently date does not allow typing. This is difficult to fix because the react autosuggest library is not meant to be used as a pure select component and does not properly support preselecting any element other than the one.

One solution could be to make date selector a <select> element because it disallows typing anyway. Another option is to somehow make it work with the autosuggest library.


Tarmo Asikainen
August 10, 2020, 1:46 PM

Won’t do. Styling options for html select elements don’t allow enough freedom to make it look like in the design. Autosuggest library is not flexible enough to do this so options are to either change library, make a custom fork or leave as is. I think the usability currently is good enough even if it is not perfect.

Won't Do
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Tarmo Asikainen


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